TrackMan Football-US在线app开发app开发周期

Ease of use: * Single, portable radar that can be used on any marked field and fit into your practice environment * Setup and calibrate your TrackMan in minutes directly from your iPad * Data and videos are stored automatically in the software – you only have to tag the player who is kicking Performance: * Our newest technology combines full 3d radar tracking with computer vision for unparalleled accuracy and reliability * Knowing vs guessing – uncover what you cannot see on film or in person with TrackMan * Elevate the performance of your kicking units through actionable data Optimal for practice: * Real-time and instant data analysis feedback to kickers, coaches, and staff directly on the practice field on an iPad * Feedback regards to leg strength, accuracy, and consistency * Improve practice efficiency by not having to chart and time kicks Note: You need to connect to a TrackMan Football unit device to capture ball tracking data.

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